River Water Flow

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Real time water flow data are available via the US Geological Survey website and the links to the rivers we typically fish are below.

In reading real time water flow data, note the amount of flow in cfs and compare the number with the top graph on the page.  The triangles indicate what normal seasonal flow for that time of the year is.  The amount or percentage above or below that line indicates the deviation from the norm.  For flows well below the line of triangles, this is indicative of abnormally dry conditions or moderate to severe and even in some cases extreme drought.  A straight vertical line ( upward) indicates a severe weather event with significant flooding, high water, and a straight downward line indicates falling water.  Fishing is generally good to excellent in the later phases of falling water while it is still a bit high and colored but not far from normal.


Clark Fork River at Deer Lodge

Clark Fork River near Garrison

Clark Fork River near Gold Creek

Clark Fork River near Bonner

Little Blackfoot River near Garrison

Flint Creek near Drummond

Rock Creek near Clinton

Black Foot River Ovando

Blackfoot River near Bonner

Bitteroot near Missoula

Missouri River near Holter Dam

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